I am holding workshops (classes)
teaching photography from the basics to
Photoshop (make your images better) techniques.

I've been producing photo images since about 1970. As an art director I had a hard time getting images the way I wanted them from pro shooters, so I started shooting my own. I beta tested Photoshop way back in their early days, 1986. I have continued testing through Photoshop Lightroom 2.2

Now, I want to give back some of what I know through these workshops. They cost $40 ea per class. Workshop sessions are supposed to last an hour but always run over. Class members like it that well.

Who should come to these workshops?

Beginners: Could be a hobby kind of beginner, but companies with field reps send them here to teach them basics before they go out in the field and shoot snapshots of products at work or in trouble. The result is better communications and sometimes better images for the company marketing and training.
I even teach which camera to buy and why!

ProSumers: Moms - who just want to take better photos and then learn how to get them printed better. Racing fans who want photos to remember those great times at the track. Sports fans wanting the same thing from their favorite fields of play. Vacationers who normally take lousy photos while on vacation.

Graphics people and Pro photographers: Art directors and production artists in the same position I was in back in my early days. They will learn at their own pace and in one-on-one sits getting advanced knowledge about automatic and semi automatic post-processing, shortening their workflow. Pro photographers who want to speed their workflow in post production. I have actions and how to build actions in Photoshop I'll share that will really help you get things done and your images will be much improved.

Call me at (309) 678-0653 for more details.
Classes have a limited number of attendees