I started my life career as an artist. I had dreamed of that from the age of 6, but I began as a commercial artist with the ability to draw portraits using charcoal pencil and acrylics doing that kind of art mostly on the side and not as a main part of any job. After working in commercial art for some years I learned the art of photo retouching and photo printing. That knowledge and experience prepared me for todays work in digital photography and image enhancement.

My goal today is for my clients to view my photographic images as art, thus for me it is the image, a feeling and emotion that they purchase, not a piece of photographic paper - not just a print. The process of creating that art may start with capturing a subjects image, but it is far from finished at that point. I take the time with each chosen image to tweak it to perfection in post production.

I want clients to be as proud of their finished images, as they would with any investment made for their home. Their investment in my work is really an investment in their memories and I'm proud to be able to provide visualization for those memories in a pleasing artistic manner.


Every day I learn more about my craft through workshops and courses. Several other photographers locally and around the globe join me regularly in round table discussions - exchanging ideas, techniques and advances related to photography.

My profession has allowed me to peer into the lives and the work of so many other people. I have experienced working with authors on their books, learning everything from carpentry, to cooking, to electronics, to manufacturing. That kind of added education has broadened my creativity. Creativity is implementation of good ideas based on experiences in other situations - similar or not.

I love what I'm doing and will continue to learn and add what I've learned to my arsenal of tools to please my clients. I feel so blessed to have work that excites me every day, and a great family of clients to share that excitement with.